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“The Radical Agilist Blog” reports scientific evidence related to teamwork, leadership, agility, and business governance in a way managers can apply every day. It fights the “Management Knowledge/Practice Gap” between what scholars know about the workplace and what too many managers still do. Subscribe to get the latest news as soon as it’s published!

This blog has roots in an e-mailed newsletter in 2000! TeamResearch News summarized the latest teamwork studies for managers, with brief advice about how to apply their lessons. Jim found the studies by visiting university libraries to look through a list of (paper) journals. That publication morphed into a blog with longer articles as that technology developed, and many of the resulting posts are now combined into “The Truth about Teambuilding” on this website. After a hiatus when Jim closed his TeamTrainers Consulting practice to focus on agile coaching, it has evolved again into this blog which draws on his 20 years of research and 35 years of experience working with teams and/or managers.